Army training – a waste of time?

Hey all, as you may have figured out from my previous post I took a day off from school today to try and recover some so I’ve practically spent the entire day with either the laptop on my knees or watching the telly. The fever remains as it was yesterday and nothing has really changed on that part so I think I need to call a few teachers tomorrow and see how I am to fix the matter with a few demonstrations I’ll probably miss.

Anyhow, jumping to my original intention with this post which will touch a very sensitive subject…while I was on the laptop today I spend a lot of time on youtube and came across the video “Collateral Murder” which was released by wikileaks some time ago. I had seen it before so I wasn’t very chocked by the material itself even though naturally as always it sickened me. After watching it I thought to myself “hey, people usually post reaction videos to all sorts of videos, lets look for that”. So I did and know how many hits came up to “Collateral Murder Reaction” on youtube? 63. Afterwards I tryed searching for “two girls one cup reaction” and got approx. 13 500 hits. Man…what is wrong with the world? …or is it the video sites that delete these videos? I won’t speculate…

Moving right along…I started viewing through these 63 videos and found one which made me so sick that I forgot all about my fever and one which at the end brought tears to my eyes. Now I’ll post both these videos (which show US military brutality on a few different levels) below before I continue the post, sensitive readers – beware.



Okey so whatever your thoughts were while watching these videos you must have realised that I posted these two videos for a specific reason. I personally think that the picture quality from the Apache camera is of such a bad quality that it actually looked like the men had AK47s and RPGs and not cameras and the children were hard to see – so the soldiers acted in accordance with the rules which later turned out to created a great tragedy. Though, what makes me sick is the complete lack of respect for life and the jokes. My only thought about the soldiers is…if the dead peple were terrorists they payed for it, havn’t they? What happened to professionalism? A mistake was made, fair enough. You followed through with the rules that you have no control over, fair enough. But the rest is not alright.

It’s as if I as a dentist would treat the wrong tooth for all the right reasons and then afterwards comment that the patient couldn’t get any uglier either way and laugh about it. I mean…

But hey this is nothing new and to those who think it’s just a few soldiers in the US army…sorry to dissapoint but during my military training I saw a simular mentality both when it comes to lack of respect for life and the “Stop being a pussy and get the sand out of your vagina, soldier” attitude as well as to a certain degree lack of respect for rules. To this I can give you four solid examples…one is that any vehicle marked with a red cross or red moon etc (there are a few all written in international rules of war) is to be regarded as an ambulance and is not to be shot at. In return army medics may only carry “defensive” small arms such as AKs and are under no circumnstances to open fire unless they are being fired at. One night after we had come back from a one week exercise I got into an argument with a few guys from the light mechanical batallion on the subject if they would shoot an ambulance with the automatic cannon on their tank if they saw one – the answer was “yes, of course, it might contain soldiers”. Second, we were on several occations ordered by the officers to carry anti vehicle weapons (classed as offensive weaponry) even though we protested. The third example is right from the barracks where we sometimes watched clips (I mean real ones like above) and people went like “Nice, did you see all the blood and gore, that guy got owned”. Fourth example is a personal experience of mine when we were out in the forest on an exercise for more or less a week and I got ill (later turned out to be a combo between tonsilitis and an eye infection when I visited the doctor)…anyway I never were the best nor the worst soldier in exercises and I never complained much but when I once started burning up (much like I’m doing right now) I asked to get a visit with the doctor which we should always be entitled to in training by the rules but instead I got the answer “To bad, suck it up and do your best. You can visit a doctor in a week”…so I did, I ran, rolled, ran some more, shot some rounds and I got worse. I held out though and were on antibiotics for over a week after we returned.

So to answer the initial question about if military training is a waste of time – no I don’t think so. If you’re smart and observant you can learn a lot about life, how people act and think and how things actually work behind the curtains. I know that by being in an environment where you aren’t allowed to ask and forced to do I learned to question and critisize a lot more and stopped being so naive (which I think a lot of 19 year olds are). I also learned another thing – I’ll never agree to go on a mission here or on foreign ground serving under such an administration. Cause if we were taught here not to question while rules were being broken…how must thing look in a real dangerous situation?

Peace…(in the most literal sense of the word)

EDIT TO ADD: Someargue that soldiers act like this to be able to cope with their lives down there by making it a game and distance themselves from the harsh reality. Sure I can see the point in such a claim, but it doesn’t make it any less unacceptable.


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